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Credit Score Repair, Debt Settlement, and Credit Counseling in Brooklyn, Farmingdale, Garden City, Medford, Middle Island, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

MP Credit Repair offers

Credit Repair

We help you establish a repair plan so you can get back to enjoying life.

Fico Score Boost

We can assist in planning and maintaining an elevated FICO Score.

Other Financial Services

Creditors have information about you from 3 different agencies.

MP Credit Repair

From buying a home to landing the perfect job, obtaining favorable insurance rates to getting a car loan, your credit is the key that unlocks so many financial doors.

MP Credit Repair goes further than ‘dressing up’ your credit. Our team of credit repair experts will help you. Our team of credit repair experts will help you repair your credit.
We work with your creditors to remove delinquent accounts and other derogatory information that has a negative impact on obtaining the outcomes you want and need in order to succeed.

OUR MISSION: To help you get where you need to go based on your credit history and FICO score.

Credit Card Debt Relief in Brooklyn, Farmingdale, NY, Garden City, NY and Surrounding Areas

More Services

Credit and Debt Counseling: No matter how you look at it, credit is used in a variety of situations and it has provided the means for many to accomplish their goals.  However, sometimes debt can be misused or exploited. Get the counseling services you need to take control of your credit score and debts.

Debt Settlement and Credit Card Debt Relief: Whether it’s a home loan, a vehicle loan, credit cards, or other debt, it can be very easy to get in over our heads. Find out all of the options available to you for debt relief.

Student Loan Debt Relief: We have helped many with their student loan debt relief issues, and we can do the same for you.

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