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Affiliate Program | MP Credit

Why not join the MP Credit Repair Affiliate Program?

MP Credit Repair Affiliate Program is a referral based management and tracking system that is set up individually under your Company or your personal name so you will be able to manage those referrals that you have sent to MP Asset Recovery, Inc. | MP Credit Repair. Our Company offers a $50 referral fee for each client that signs-on with us per month for less than ten clients per month, or a larger referral program which offers a $100 referral fee for ten or more signed-on clients per month. With our state of the art system you will be able to track your referral commissions based on the status of your client progress while they are in our credit repair program. Having this advantage will allow you to re-solicit them for new business after their credit has been restored. So why not join today, nothing to lose and all the more to gain.