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Credit Repair Companies in Brooklyn, Farmingdale, Garden City, Medford, Middle Island, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Your credit score can make a difference in the interest rates you pay on loans, it might be required when applying for a job, and even some insurance companies in Brooklyn, Farmingdale, Garden City, Medford, Middle Island, or the surrounding areas need it. If you are having issues with paying your bills and/or want to boost your credit, you are likely looking at credit repair companies like MP Credit Repair. Not all credit repair companies are the same, so it is important to look at what they can do and how long they have been in business. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can do to help you.

Subject to the Credit Repair Organizations Act

Woman on Headseat Working at Credit Repair Companies in Brooklyn, Farmingdale, Garden City, Medford, Middle Island, NYMany people think that credit repair companies aren’t legitimate, but this just isn’t true. Credit repair companies help many people clean up their credit reports and increase their FICO scores. In fact, we at MP Credit Repair are subject to the federal law of Credit Repair Organizations Act which was passed in 1996, over 25 years ago.

Credit repair companies will take several approaches at the same time to start working on your credit to clean things up and improve your credit reports. First we will request the official reports from all three credit reporting agencies so that you and we can see what lenders are seeing. Once we have the reports we can review the information and target the incorrect and old information that is staining your reports. In many cases, the reports don’t all have the same information, which can cause confusion.

We can also work with your current and past creditors to explain your situation and to have them work with you and us to ensure that all information is correct and to make plans to help improve your credit rating. Having an advocate on your side can make all the difference in cleaning up your credit and helping you on a path to a better credit score.

Experience Matters With Credit Repair Companies

Our team has over 30 years of experience dealing with credit reporting agencies and creditors of all kinds. We are industry professionals and offer a free initial consultation to explain what we do and to listen to your situation in Brooklyn, Farmingdale, Garden City, Medford, Middle Island, and the surrounding areas. Your credit score is too important to too many areas of life these days to ignore, and having a poor credit rating will mean that you pay more. You can correct your score with the right credit repair company. Call MP Credit Repair today to get started on cleaning up your credit.